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Top Best FREE Keyword Research Tools for Bloggers in 2020 [Ultimate List]

What is Keyword Research?

Everyone is curious about knowing something. Whenever they want to know they just open Google and start searching. When someone types some phrase with how, why, what, who or some keyword that is known as a google search. In other words, we can say the Keyword search to know about the relevant input in the search engine.

So, all the website owners have to make his content relevant to the audience need. This will help the website owner to reach a targeted audience and can increase the visibility of the site in search engine.

Keyword research is important for all the SEO experts, Bloggers or whosoever, having a website and want to reach maximum audience out there on the Internet. It is also required to make quality content, for marketing and advertising. Keyword research is divided into three parts:

Head terms

“one-word keyword” search volume of single word keyword is high, but it doesn’t target by the experts.
Example: Car

Body keywords

“3-4 Word Phrase” It always has an average search volume.
Example: New Audi Car

Long-tail keywords

“4+ Word Phrase” It has a low search volume, but it is the most targeted keyword.
Example: New Audi Car Price in the USA

Whenever we write an article or post, we need to do keyword research to rank our post in the top 10 positions in the search engine.

As you can see above, the long-tail keyword attracts more specific and targeted traffic. That is why long-tail keyword style is adopted by all the experts, bloggers and website owners.

Important Tips for Keywords Research

  • Never Underestimate Keyword Relevance
  • Check Keyword Search Volume & Competition
  • Find Related Terms by LSI
  • Goal To Maximize Keyword ROI by User Intent
  • Identify Negative Keywords
  • Know the Trending Topics & category
  • Make it Location-based
  • Use Branded Key Phrases

What are the Free Keyword Research Tools?

Nowadays, you must have seen many keyword search tools on the internet. There are some free to use and maximum have paid services. As we all know new keywords are coming into competition and day by day new SEO tools also coming into the market. So, always keep in mind to choose the best out of all.

Apart from paid services, there are some tools which are available for free. By using them, any new blogger or business owner can grow his/her business with the help of those free keyword tools and at the same time, when we start getting benefit from that keyword tools, then we can also pay later for that tool. So that’s why we have extracted some popular keyword research tools for you. Which you can use for free without spending money. All these tools are best for SEO as you can do the analysis of the related keyword for your website for free.

Benefits of Free Keyword Research Tools

  • The keywords search tool is best for keywords relevance.
  • It helps you to find the high CPC keywords.
  • It helps in identifying the best target competitive niche or category.
  • It also helps you to keep track of your competitor’s keywords.
  • You can easily find or target highly profitable keywords.
  • Gives You the correct Direction & Audience.
  • Save Your Time properly.
  • It Takes Care Of Competition Analysis.
  • An engaged audience & customer.
  • Increased conversion & Marketing Trend.
  • Reduce your long term effort.
  • Place your keywords in the right spot
  • Completely Free of Cost

Which Free Keyword Tools is Best?

Whenever we start extracting the best keywords related to our industry to promote our content. Then we need the best free keyword tool. We have also earned 10m + Monthly traffic for our website with the help of maximum free tools. So you too can get so much traffic to your website with the help of our recommended tools for free. And by getting traffic, you will also get revenue and sales. According to our business, the free keyword research tools have proved to be the best for us is Google Keyword Planner, Google Keyword Suggestions & Quora.

List of Top Best Free Keyword Tools

Whenever we use any free keyword research tool. We always get beneficial results with the help of these tools. Which will prove to be very good and useful for targeting the relevant audience in the future. It is very important for all SEO experts do keyword research first because it is an important task. If any of the Keyword research work is done carefully, then the rest of the work remains very easy.

The keyword ranking of your website and blog depends on its keyword research. How soon you will be able to rank those keywords in any search engine that depends on the keyword research and time spent with you for making quality content. And how much-estimated profit will you be able to earn?

Top 10 Best Free Keyword Research Tools List 2020

  1. Google’s Keyword Planner
  2. Ubersuggest
  3. Answer The Public
  4. Google’s Autosuggest Feature
  5. Google’s Related Searches
  6. Google Trends
  7. YouTube Auto-Suggest Keywords
  8. Quora
  9. Google search console
  10. KWFinder

Here is a list of some of the best & free keyword research tools that will provide potential keywords for your topics or blogs.

No.Keyword Research Tools
1Google Webmaster Tools
2Bing Keyword tool
4Google Trends
5Google Keyword Planner
6Answer The Public
9FAQ Fox
10Google Auto Suggest
11Google Correlate
12Google Shopping Insights
14Infinite Suggest
15Internet Marketing Ninjas
17Keyword Clarity
18Keyword Discovery
19Keyword Eye
20Keyword Guru
21Keyword Keg
22Keyword Spy
23Keyword Shitter
24Keyword Tool
25Keywords Everywhere
29Merchant Words
32Pinterest Keyword Tool
33Raven Tools
35Search Console
37SEO Chat
38SEO Review Tools
39SEOStack Keyword Tool
41Serp Stat
45Text Optimizer
46The Hoth
52SEMrush (FREE Trial)


All the free keyword research tools that we have mentioned above are completely free. Which you can use for your business. We will not ask you to use all the Keyword Tools but whatever you feel is your best, you can use it.

Do you also use any of the free keyword research tools from the above list? So you can tell us your experience in the comment section. So that all new bloggers can benefit from it.

Apart from this, if any, free keyword research tools have not mentioned by us in the list, then you can also tell us in the comment section below. If the tools you mentioned would be better for our audience. So we will also list it definitively on our website. Thank you!

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