What is Instamojo and Way To Sell & Collect Payment Online

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What is Instamojo

Instamojo is an online payment collection gateway. It is very easy to access you can receive payments from others it is used by individuals as well as a businessman for their business to receive payments from their customers.

Advantages of using Instamojo

Set up in minutes: Instamojo can be set up very instantly in minutes. All it needs is the Bank account and Mobile Contact number.

No hidden charges: Instamojo is free to set up an account. There are no setup and hidden charges in it. You just need to pay only 2% + ₹3 for every successful transaction.

Automatic transfer to the bank account: Once the payment received from customer Instamojo settle the amount after deduction in 3 days to your mentioned bank account.

How to collect money from customers:

Instamojo provides competitive rates as compared to other online partners and it is also the easiest way to collect money from customers. It is the Multi-Channel Payment Gateway. You can Accept various Credit/Debit Cards, Wallets, Net Banking, UPI & EMI Payments through the Instamojo. Read below-mentioned steps to better know the procedure of collecting money:

Step 1. Create a manual payment link
Step 2. Share the Payment link with the customer (via WhatsApp or Email)
Step 3. Get paid by the customer.

How to Create Payment Link in Instamojo

Instamojo provides us two ways to create links. These are as below:

1. Quick link: It is easy to create. You just need to Login into your Instamojo account. Then select the menu option > Create Payment Link> Select Quick Link Option.
Then create payment link screen will appear. You need to fill the Purpose of payment and the amount you want to collect from your customer. Link is ready to share with your customer by using WhatsApp, SMS/email and QR Code.

2. Smart link: In this manual link can be created. Need to follow almost similar steps as written above in the quick link. Select create payment link after login into the Instamojo account. Select smart Link Option> Enter the purpose of Payment > Select Smart Pricing Type out of two mentioned Flat Pricing and Amount Breakup as per choice you want to share with customers. Set your Expire link on a date and limit number of payments. Select Next: Customize Link Button to add thank you note and complete the step by selection is done option.

What is the Use of API & Plugins in Your Website

Instamojo allows you to add Instamojo payment collection button. It makes easier for customers as well as to the businessman. You just need to add API and Plugins into the website.

How to Earn using Instamojo:

Instamojo has an option to earn by referring it to your friends, family, etc.
If your friend SignUp using your referral and receive the first payment on Instamojo then It provides vouchers of worth Rs 500 each. To earn referral amount use below mentioned link while sign up for Instamojo account:

SignUp Now on Instamojo: Instamojo Payment Gateway
Use Referral Code: GURSTOREb71d and Earn Rs.500 Directly on your bank account.

Steps to get referral amount:

  1. Signed up (User has been Signed up)
  2. Collected 1st Payment (Invitee has collected first payment Successful)
  3. Inviter & Invitee is found eligible for a referral bonus by Compliance
  4. Bonus Received (Voucher Received)

Create an online store in Instamojo:

This is the only platform which allows creating your own store. You can set up your own store by following simple steps:

  1. Login into Instamojo account.
  2. Select menu option.
  3. Select Create online store button.
  4. Fill the required fields such as store name, About Store, Cart, shipping with Instamojo, mentions contact details (optional) and select the create store button. Now you are ready to use your store on Instamojo.


Instamojo is the top most used online digital platform with the help of which you can collect the amount from customers. It is mainly used by the businessman. It has fewer services charges as compare to other online platforms. It allows the customers to pay using multi-way like debit/ credit cards. Wallets, Net Banking, UPI & EMI, etc. We will suggest whosoever is looking for this kind of service for the collection of money. It is the best platform for Indian business people for the collection.

Hope this article is valuable and finds helpful to you. If you want to share any queries and suggestions with us don’t feel hesitate to share your comment on below comment section. We will surely resolve your queries.

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