List of Top Free High Authority PPT Submission Sites 2022

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What is PPT submission?

The very first thing is to know about the PPT. PPT is a PowerPoint Presentation. It is a file extension (.ppt) which is used for a presentation which can be created with the help of Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, etc. It is beneficial to use these PPT submission Sites for SEO perspective. Here you can easily share your PPT files on these Top Best PPT submission Sites. It is easy to convey your information on these Sites, which is easily interacting with the targeted audience. These high authority PPT submission Sites are Updated on Regular basis that all is frequently Crawl by all the Search engine sites (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). With the Help of These Sites, You can get Targeted Traffic for your Business.

It is good to use targeted keywords by the Presentation that will help you to get do follow backlinks. Then there will be an automatic increase in the ranking of the Website too. With the help of all these factors, there will be an increase in Visibility of the site in search engine. Ultimately, these all things will bring traffic to the site.

Top Best Sites to Create PPT’s

  • Canva
  • Google Slides
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

Advantages / Benefits of PPT Submission sites

  • PPT Submission Sites helps to get Targeted Traffic to your money Site.
  • We Can Get High-Quality Backlinks through these PPT Sites.
  • There are so many free sites where PPT’s can be easily created.
  • With the help of PPT’s, we can Convey Our Information and Business Niche very easily in Attractive (Text, Images, Animation, Slides, etc.) way.
  • It improves the Ranking of the Site in Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Etc.)
  • PPT submission sites also help you to use them as a video which can be shared on YouTube, Various Social Networking Sites which will ultimately increase the views and demand of Product or Services.

Here is the List of Top Best Free High Authority PPT Submission Sites List 2022:

No.Website ListDAPAMoz

How to Create Attractive PPT’s?

  1. Always use Attractive and Best PPT Template.
  2. Use Headings/ Text of the Content As per Business/Service Niche.
  3. Use Bullets or No. List, where it is required.
  4. Provide Short and Simple Business About us section.
  5. Mention your main Products and Services.
  6. Use high quality and relevant Images to the Content.

Where to Submit PPT?

In Today World, There are a number of PPT Submission Sites available on the Internet, but always Choose the Top Best High Authority PPT Submission Sites to upload your Created PPT’s. How will you recognize that which is the TOP Best High Authority PPT submission Site for Uploading PPT? Then We will tell you the trick. Always check that if DA, PA & Alexa Rank of the PPT Submission Sites high, that means it is best to upload the PPT to these Sites. Don’t use those websites which have a high spam score on Moz.

How to Submit PPT on PPT Submission Sites

As we already discussed above that there are many PPT Submission Sites to upload Our PPT. But do choose the best one out all the Sites List. Below are well explained Ways to Submit the PPT’s on Top Best High Authority PPT Submission Sites:

  • The very First thing is to choose the Top Best PPT Submission Site.
  • Sign up and Fill the all Required Fields under that.
  • Create an Attractive Blog or PPT for PPT Submission Site so that you can get Targeted Traffic.
  • Always add Backlink in the presentation to your website or business.
  • After Uploading your PPT, Make your PPT visible as public.
  • You should try to use the Backlink in the description or content area.


PPT submission Sites always help in increasing targeted Traffic to your money site. The Sites having a high DA, PA & MozRank helps to increase Alexa ranking. It also helps Improve SERP Ranking. Consider the Above top best High Authority PPT Submission Sites that will definitely help you to get high ranking and make visible your website in various Search Engines. If you like our post and found it helpful do Comment us below in the Comment Section.

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