Top Best Free High Authority Microblogging Sites List 2022 with High DA, PA and Moz Rank

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Before knowing about the top best free Microblogging sites list for 2022, you have to know about What is Microblogging?

In Microblogging Sites, we can add text, Video and link and can get quality backlinks to our site. It helps to increase the relevant visitors as well as improve our website ranking in SERP. It also helps to boost your website DA, PA, and Alexa.

Some of the examples of Microblogging sites are Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and so on.

Microblogging Submission is the most effective off-page technique in search engine optimization. These Microblogging sites are very useful for SEO.

Bestech Tips provide you the best free Microblogging sites list 2022. These are some of the most world popular Microblogging sites for you. As you all know that the value of Microblogging websites is decreasing nowadays, but these websites are still useful for the major sources of site visitors to your main website.

You should wisely use these sites and get the maximum result from out of these websites.

List of Best Microblogging Sites 2022

Here we have prepared the list of top free Microblogging Sites 2022. These are very-very helpful to increase rank on all search engines.

Explore the below free Microblogging websites one by one. Create an account on it and start posting text, images, and links.

No.Websites ListDAPAMoz

Benefits of Microblogging Sites?

Microblogging Sites are really very helpful for attaining new and old audience our site and to make our website more visible in SERP. There are many more benefits of these sites. Read below:

  • This Platform allows us to promote our brand in a short time.
  • It targets a very huge audience by which we can easily interact with Multiple Users.
  • It is the best place to share useful & Brief information and you can submit your article, post link to promote your website here.
  • It is easy to express Short Words and target audience effectively.
  • Nowadays, No one is interested to read long Posts. It makes the audience boring. But Microblogging needs shorter posts/texts and that is preferred by many people.
  • Microblogging sites are used by all the celebrities, politicians, businessman and Individuals. It also provides good connectivity among them and provides the latest updates or news posted by them.
  • You can get quality backlinks from Microblogging websites.
  • Required Less time to write good content for a blog.
  • You can also get more free Social Shares with these Sites.
  • You can also use the Short URL and submit your post faster.

Drawback of Microblogging Sites?

  • Microblogging provides the user to write in Short content/post so it is difficult to find for any search engine that which category your Blog belongs to.
  • These Sites allow you to write Content in a Short. (Twitter: 140 Character)
  • All Microblogging websites have a limited number of templates or plugins to use (i.e. Tumblr).
  • In Microblogging, While using a URL shortener user won’t trust the link because they don’t know where they land.
  • Due to short content sometimes search engines face difficulty crawling the posts.

Why Use Microblogging Sites for SEO?

Microblogging technique is the best way to make Brand awareness and visibility in the market.

1. It is an easier and a Direct Way to Communicate with your followers.
2. You can also handle all interaction with the followers by Mobile.

It allows users to create short messages, Post and shared with an audience online. Social platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr have become extremely popular, especially on the mobile web.


Microblogging always increases the visitors & the growth of your website by optimizing the overall performance along with its visibility. With this, any business owner can promote their content material to those Microblogging, social blogs with the shorter texts and posts which target a large amount of audience.

If you want to suggest some other free Microblogging sites or have any Queries/ Suggestions feel free to comment on the comment box or can contact us via email.

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