What is Google Pay and How Does it Work in India

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What is Google Pay (Tez)

Google Pay (Tez) is a online Digital Wallet with the help of which you can make Payments for purchases and for money receiving using Android Phones and Tablets. This App is earlier known as Tez known it is famous with a name of Google Pay in India. It is developed by Google. It replaces all the credit cards and Debit cards. It is the easiest way to transfer money from one wallet/Account to another. It is used by many people across all over the world.

How to Use Google Pay (Tez) App

Google Pay is very simple App to use. Anyone can easily access it. You just need to follow below simple steps.

Step 1. Install Google Pay

The Very first is to Install Google Pay Tez App from Play store or you can use below mentioned Link for Installation. This App is easy to install. You just need Mobile Contact and Email Id which is registered to your bank. Using these you can sign up for Google Pay Tez Account.

Install Google Pay Now: Download

or Enter Referral Code: Mo2A8 and Earn Rs. 51 on your bank account

Step 2. Set Screen Lock

Next step is to set up the screen lock. You need to Set up 4 Digit Google Pin.

Step 3. Link Bank Account

Installation Steps are Completed. Before Sending and Receiving money you need to Link your bank account to your Google Pay or Tez App so that you can process your payments and can start Receiving Money from others too.

Next. You need to add your registered mobile number, last 6 digit of your debit card & expiry date in Google Pay. Once Set up with Tez done then the app will create a default VPA (Virtual Payment Address) of yours that is Google account username followed by the issuing bank. Example: John@Okicici. John is a username, Ok is fix prefix for all banks and ICICI bank that I added will be @okicici as the address. While Adding Bank into Tez App you need to Create 6 digit Pin which will be use every time while making payment.

Step 4. Ready to Use

Now you are ready to Pay and Receive Money.

Advantages of Google Pay / Tez App

There are number of advantages of using Google Pay Tez App. This is the modernized & easiest app to use. It can be use anywhere to pay or receive any payment. Read below mentioned points to understand better.

  • Google Pay app simple and easy app as compare to other apps.
  • It is accessible from everywhere.
  • It can used in both Android phone as well as in IOS.
  • It is free to use.
  • It is secure platform developed by Google.
  • This app allows instant transfer from one account to other.
  • You can make payment using UPI.
  • It replaces Debit/Credit and all chip cards.
  • You can easily transfer money to your family and friends.
  • It can be used for making payment for purchase such as recharges, bill payments, booking etc.
  • Google Pay app provides various offers to their customers.
  • It provides you rewards on making payments & receiving money as a cashback.
  • You can also get Rs.51 on each referral.
  • It is used by many people all over the country.

How to Earn Through Google Pay

Google pay page not only allows you to make payments or receiving amount from others but also allows you to earn money by various ways that are discussed below.

Refer & Earn: With the help of Google pay you can earn Rs. 51 on each referral you can invite anyone to this app such as friends, family. You can get money only if they send their first payment ever on Google Pay.

Various Offers: Google pay app always keep providing various offers to the customer such as on OLA rides, Bills, Gas Service, Reliance Store, Scratch Card, DTH Payments etc.

How to Make Payment & Receive Money Through Google Pay

Here, you can learn about how to make payment & receive money by this application.

Making Payment Using Contact Number

  1. Go to Google Pay App.
  2. Select new option on Homepage
  3. Search for the person number to whom you want to make payment.
  4. Select Pay Button from below in Google Pay App.
  5. Click Send or request money.
  6. At the top, choose Send money.
  7. Input the amount that you want to transfer.
  8. You can also Enter the payment remarks.
  9. Confirm your payment method & Click Send. That it!

Making Payment Using QR Code

  1. Go to Google Pay App.
  2. Select top option from the Right in Google Pay.
  3. Select the Scan QR Option.
  4. Scan QR Code from Your Friends to whom you want to make payment.
  5. Enter the amount & then Confirm.

Now successfully money has been sent, you’ll get a notification & receive an SMS from your bank with the debited amount on your mobile number.

In a similar way you can receive money by requesting your friends. You just need to select contact > request> amount> Remarks & Confirm.


In India, the UPI based Digital Payment System is also growing. Google Pay is a secure payment app and is totally different from a mobile wallet. In this you don’t require to store money in the wallet. In this app direct debit and credit taken place while making transaction.

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