Top Free High Authority Blog Submission Sites List 2022

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What are Blog Submission Sites?

Blog Submission Sites helps to get Quality Backlinks and Drive the targeted Organic Traffic to your Website. Some people found Creating Backlinks as a difficult task. They make efforts for it, but sometimes they unable to get the Quality Backlinks for their Site but today we will Share the most used Blog Submission Sites that will definitely help you to create your Own Quality Backlinks and you can get Organic Traffic too. You can submit your blogs on these sites for Free of cost. Blog Submission Sites are mostly used by SEO Professionals and Bloggers for creating Quality Backlinks. Therefore, you all should consider using it.

Blog Submission Sites List
Blog Submission Sites List 2022

You can submit your blog URL at Blog Submission sites for free, but there are paid Blog submission Sites are also Available and in return, you will get a quality Backlink. Sometimes, these Sites will provide you DoFollow Backlink and sometimes NoFollow Backlink. Try to Post Blog Relevant to your website or service so that you can get Focused Organic Targeted Traffic and that Particular Keyword will be ranked in SERP. So, you all must use Blog Submission Sites to Generate Traffic and to get quality backlinks that will automatically raise your Website Ranking in Search Engine.

Major Benefits of Using Free Blog Posting Sites 2022

Blog Submission Sites are So Helpful if all Steps are done accurate way, just remember to post your Blogs at Most Trusted Sites, Do Not post Blogs on Spam or irrelevant Blog Submission Sites. Below are the Benefits here you will understand in detail:

  • These Sites Helps to Create Quick and Quality Backlinks.
  • It also helps to Increase more Organic Traffic to Your Site.
  • It is free of Cost so anyone can use these Sites for Backlinks and Traffic.
  • It helps to Increase DA, PA, Alexa, Moz Rank, and Index Frequency.
  • It also helps you to get Brand Exposure.
  • It helps in Quick crawling.

Here is the Free High Authority Blog Submission Sites Lists 2022:

No.Website ListDAPAMoz

Why Blog Submission Sites are So Useful?

Blog Submission Sites are Worth to Spend Time as ultimately you will get Targeted Organic Traffic and Quality Backlinks that will help you in Brand Exposure. You can read below-mentioned Points to know more About the worth of spending time on these Blog Submission Sites:

No Need to Spend a single Penny: There are many Blog Submission Sites where you can Post your Blogs at Free of Cost and in return you can get a Quality Backlinks for your Website. But there are some Blog Submission Sites (Guest Post) where you need to pay some amount for getting DoFollow Link then only you can submit your blogs there. But Don’t Worry they are Trusted and you can afford them as they are not so costly.

Increase DA, PA & MozRank: Blog Submission Sites Helps to increase in Domain Authority and Page Authority. Whenever you will get an Backlinks from a high authority Website that will help you to increase in Traffic and simultaneously, you’re DA and PA will also Increase.

Targeted Organic Traffic: You need to Post Blogs using relevant keywords to your Website and Blog Head. With the Help of this, you will get Targeted Organic Traffic and that will also help to get Quality Backlinks.


Blog Submission Sites are the only Off Page SEO Technique with the help of which your Content will be Quickly Fetched, or Crawl by Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.). It helps you to get a Quality Backlinks and Targeted Organic Traffic by which your Brand will become known to all. It helps to increase in Ranking of Your Site, DA, PA, Alexa and Index Frequency. So you all should Consider these above Blog Submission Sites. If our Blog helps you in any way and you have any query must comment below in the Comment Section.

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