What is GlowRoad App & How to Earn Money from the GlowRoad Reselling App

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The best app to Earn Money Online & App for Wholesale Prices

GlowRoad is India, 3rd App of 30,00,000+ resellers who earn money while working from home without any investment.

Friends, today we are going to discuss such an app with which you can earn money sitting at home and after downloading this application you will earn ₹300.

We are right and how this process works, you can do all this online without investment and that is possible through your phone. Friends, you must read this article from the beginning to the end only then you can earn it.

GlowRoad is a product based Reselling App for starting your own Social selling business at zero investment released on 24 Dec 2015. Social selling means selling on all social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Here, both COD and Prepaid orders can book in simple ways.

Friends, many such applications have come in today’s time in India. In which you can earn from home without investment. So to do Earning from home as a Reseller, you have to first download this application.

What is GlowRoad App

We have discussed you about Meesho and Shop101 application earlier, it also has the same concept as Meesho App. In this, you can sell any product without bringing to home. You can sell that product by adding your margin to your friends family or relatives. The biggest advantage of this is that you do not have to keep any kind of stock in it. In this, the company direct delivers any product to your customer. The more your product sale in this, the higher your profit will be.

For Example: If you have a product worth ₹100, you can sell it for 120, 140 or 200. Now, if you sell the product for ₹200, then 200 – 100 = ₹100 will be your profit margin.

How to Use GlowRoad Reselling App

1. INSTALL & Download: Here you can Install GlowRoad App for FREE from Playstore and after installation see the Latest catalogs of all trendy products & collections (Kurtis, sarees, bags, etc.) at Wholesale Prices.

Install the app via this link: Download GlowRoad App or use my referral code: SARV27FH1C2 and get Rs. 200 discount on your first order. Hurry!!

2. SHARE: You can share product or Catalogue images or Details (with or without payment link) with your friends/customer network on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube. Your customer receives the product details and payment link.

3. EARN: Once your customer buys the product, you get your profit margin in your bank account from GlowRoad. You can also collect money in cash or your bank account from your customer and then place an order on their behalf on the GlowRoad app. The delivery of the product is taken care of by the GlowRoad App. You don’t have to do anything except keep sharing and keep earning.

Earn More Money Online through GlowRoad App

1. Add Profit Margin: You can add as much margin as you want to any product in it, the more Margin you set, the more you will profit.

2. Refer and Earn: Get ₹250 in the wallet on friend’s first order & your friend also get ₹200 on registration. You can get 5% off friend’s sales for 1 year.

3. Weekly Bonus: From here you can earn extra money by completing the Weekly Target.

Top Benefits for Resellers in GlowRoad App

  1. Trendy Products / Catalogues
  2. ‌Without any Investment
  3. Easy Return Policy
  4. ‌Fast Delivery Time
  5. ‌Easily Earn a High Margin
  6. ‌Risk-Free Buying and Selling
  7. On-Time Payments
  8. ‌Free Online Store
  9. ‌End to End Delivery Support
  10. ‌More than 1 Lakh + Products
  11. Get Verified Reseller Award
  12. ‌Wholesale Price
  13. ‌Set your Own Payment Gateway
  14. Complete Logistic Support
  15. ‌Cash on Delivery across India
  16. ‌Get the Bonus and Attractive Rewards

The disadvantage of GlowRoad App

  • ‌No customer support
  • ‌High Product Rate
  • ‌Product Quality is Low
  • ‌Stock availability Issue
  • ‌You cannot Exchange a Product
  • ‌The Wallet Amount can’t be transferred to the bank account. It can only be used in Prepaid Orders.

GlowRoad App Review

Now you must be thinking whether this application is fraud Or Secure.? So, friends, there is nothing like, this is a Genuine application and more than 5 million people of this application have downloaded it. Apart from this, it’s rating on Playstore is 4.6 so, according to this application is not a fraud. If you work on it, you will get money in it.

If we talk about it in this, then we earn money by working on this application every day above Rs. 2000+. But it is also true that this application pays less than other applications like Meesho and Shop101.

Earn Money by GlowRoad Supplier / Vendor

If you are a wholesaler/manufacturer then you can easily register your business in less than 1 minute and see your business grow 10 times through 30,00,000+ resellers who will sell your products.


So friends, this is about the GlowRoad Application, what is the process of this application and how does it work. If we talk about Earning here, you can even earn up to 5000, 6000, 7000. But in this, let us tell you that the same people will get money, who will work. Without work, you will not get any money. If you are a housewife, student, or free at home. Even then you can use this application and from here you can get good earning for yourself and your family. So friends, according to us you can work part-time or full time in it. Because there is no investment of any kind in it.

So friends, we hope that you would have liked this article, more similar articles are available on this website, which you can check on our website, thank you.

Love you all…

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