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Meesho is India’s top most accessed Reselling App. You can Earn with Meesho by selling their Products such as Ladies Wear, Men’s Wear, Kids Wear, Men’s and Women Accessories, Household Products and so on. Meesho has multiple Suppliers who are listing their Quality Products on Meesho on Daily Basis.

You can Earn more by sharing such products on WhatsApp and Facebook. These are two Social Media Platforms where you can get a maximum of Interested Customers and It is the only place where people love to spend their maximum time these Days. Share the Stuff with customers along with the Description, Final Price including your profit margin and Shipping Charges. After sharing Collection you will start getting Enquires and Orders. Then you can place orders with Meesho App.

Note: Meesho provides two ways to place orders, COD and Prepaid (Online Payment). In COD, While delivering the parcel, Logistic partner of Meesho collects the amount from your customer and in next 10 Working Days Meesho transfers the amount into your Bank account. In Prepaid (Online Payment), you need to collect the total amount (including your Margin) from the Customer.

How to Install Meesho in Simple Steps

Meesho app is very easy to install. You just need an Android Phone and Internet Connection to access it. It is easily available at Play Store. If you want Discount on First purchase then install Meesho App using below mentioned Link:

Download Now: Meesho Reselling App

Get up to Rs. 150 discount on 1st order if you sign up using our referral code: SARVJEE923

Why use Meesho App?

Meesho app is very simple to access and it can be used by Housewives, Individuals, and Students as a Part-Time Work. It doesn’t require any professionalism. Read below to know better about this:

  • Easy to Access: Meesho app is very simple to use. You just need to open app > Share the Stuff with customers from Share button > Get Enquires and Orders > Place Order > Shipment will be delivered by Meesho Logistics > Get your Margin paid by Meesho. If you still find it Difficult you can contact Meesho Customer Support for Help.
  • No Need of Professionalism: There is no requirement of Professional or Expertise person to use Meesho. It can be accessed by any Students, Housewives, and Individuals who want to work with Meesho.
  • Need of Smart Phone and Internet-only: There is no such big Investment required. You need only an Android Phone and Internet access to your phone.
  • Zero Investment: It doesn’t require any Amount to be spent on Purchasing Products or to Sign up in Meesho. You can Directly Ship Products from Meesho with Your Brand Name.
  • COD Service: This app allows you to place an order on a COD (Cash on Delivery) as well as on Prepaid (Online Payment). Nowadays, Customers are willing to Buy on COD more so this app makes it easier for you to get more orders.
  • Quality Products: Meesho provides Quality Products at Competitive Prices.
  • Responsive Customer Support: Meesho’s Customer Supports work 24×7. If you find any problem related to your ongoing orders, Returns, and etc you can contact Meesho Customer Support.
  • Weekly Bonus: This app provides many options or ways to earn. You can earn up to 12% Weekly Bonus on Sales.
  • Refer and Earn: It is another way to make money on Meesho. Refer and earn is the option with the help of which you can Earn up to Rs. 50,000.
  • Variety of Products: Meesho Contains a Variety of Products such as Ladies Wear, Men’s Wear, Kids Wear, Men’s and Women Accessories, Household Products and so on.
  • Profit Margin: You can set your Profit Margin as per your choice in Product Prices and can earn more than Rs 40,000 in a month.
  • Return Policy: It has an easy return Policy. If your customer doesn’t like or find the defected product you can easily initiate Return in 7days through an app.
  • Lowest Prices: Meesho provides Product at competitive prices as compared to the other Reselling Apps. It has the least price Products with the best quality.
  • Timely Payments: Meesho transfers Bonus, Commission, and refer earn amount on Time in your bank account. You can see these all details in Meesho app.

How to Earn More Money Using Meesho App

Meesho app provides an opportunity to all their Resellers and Suppliers to earn in many ways. There are 50Lakh+ resellers already earning up to Rs 40,000. It is suggested app by all. You can consider this App too. There are the following ways with the help of Which you can earn more:

  1. Refer and Earn: With the help of Refer and earn you can earn up to Rs 50,000. If your Referred link used for placing orders them on first 5 orders you will get 20% of sales, 5% commission for first 6 Months and 1% Commission for next 18 Months.
  2. Weekly Bonus: Meesho Provides Bonus of up to 12%.
  3. Profit Margin: In this, you can set any amount of Profit Margin on products and can earn as much you want.
  4. How to Share Products from Meesho App: It is very easy to share products through Meesho app. When you will Open an App, You will see a share button along with all the collection. You can share products on WhatsApp and Facebook wherever you want.


Meesho App is India’s Topmost used the app by 50Lakh + resellers. It provides reasonable prices and Quality products. With the help of this, you can earn up to Rs 40,000. There is a Variety of products provided by the Suppliers/Wholesalers along with the best quality. Meesho also provides easy returns. Their Customer Support is very responsive. We are also using this app and find it very simple and trusted to work with.

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