Top Best Free Ping Submission Sites List for Faster Indexing In 2022

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What is Ping Submission?

Looking for a list of free ping submission sites: Whenever we start publishing our blog post, we need to index our post in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

By Doing Ping Submission, you can update your blog and post to the maximum search engines and web directories so that the authorization of that page can be increased and further it helps you in SEO Ranking and Organic Traffic automatically grows.

You can easily index your website in any search engine and Ping Submission is the platform that makes it easier. These sites are helpful for those who are not able to index them Websites Google and any other search engine.

Ping Submission Sites List
Ping Submission Sites List in 2022

Ping submission sites, allows you to index your website, blog, and backlink in just one click.
Here, is something very important thing to keep in mind that whenever you update your blog and post, you still have to update your post on Ping Submission sites. Also, don’t use a number of Ping Submission Sites as this can also penalize your website.

If you are getting troublesome that your website is not indexed in Google, Yahoo, and Other Search Engine, then select the Ping Submission Sites list given here. This helps you to quickly index your website.

More than 85% of backlinks are not indexed in Google. If you use Ping Submission sites, then that will be more helpful to your Site. To get your blog and website indexed and crawled by the major search engines, With the help of Ping Submission, it will be quick and easy that can crawl your website and blog easily. These sites are free, and you can quickly index your website through these websites.

Benefits of Free Ping Submission Sites 2022

Ping Submission Sites are easy and free to use. With these Sites, you can easily get important and extraordinary achievements, some of which are given below:

  1. Your backlinks, get indexed by these search engines quickly.
  2. It helps to increase your website crawl rating and reduce crawl errors.
  3. It also increases the visibility of the web page and search engine ranking in all search engines.
  4. It helps to get Organic traffic to your Site.
  5. Increase the search engine rankings (SERPs) by indexing your incoming backlinks.
  6. Higher SERP will make your website more visible in a Search Engine.
  7. It will make your hard work worthwhile.

Here is the List of Top Best Free Ping Submission Sites to Boost Up Indexing 2022:

Ping Sites ListDAPAMoz

How to Use Ping Submission Sites?

With the help of Ping Submission sites, you can get the maximum chances of web content indexed. Here we have given a few steps, which will help you to get benefited results out of it.

  1. First, you can choose the ping submission site from the above list of ping submission sites 2022.
  2. Fill the required fields such as Title, URL & Category on your blog, post or website which you like to get indexed by search engines.
  3. Now submit the ping by save or send button to complete it.
  4. You will receive a confirmation SMS or email just after Completing the above steps.

Note: You no need to register for these mentioned Ping Submission Sites. You can get your site indexed in search engines within 24 hours. But you still cannot predict anything that when the search engine crawler intakes it in reality.

How to Index Your Brand New Website in 2022?

If you have a brand new website, then you should follow a few steps before using ping submission sites to get the maximum benefit out of this. Here are the steps to be followed:

  • Create and Submit your sitemap to Google Search Console.
  • Submit your website to all major Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • Write some Unique articles and submit them to High Authority Article Submission Sites.
  • Create informative videos and submit them to Video Submission Sites.
  • Submit ads on Classified Sites as per your business categories to boost traffic and rankings of your website.
  • Manage your website’s RSS Feed using Feedburner.
  • Submit your website’s URL to your social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, etc.
  • Bookmark your website on all major Social Bookmarking Sites.
  • Add your brand new website to Free Directories.


As far as we know above, you must have been clear that Ping submission sites play a very important role in indexing your website in search engines. Here, Bestech Tips has shortlisted some popular sites that you can use to index your website.

We hope these Ping Submission Sites help you to increase your SEO Ranking as well as organic traffic. If you are using any other techniques then please, feel free to share with us & don’t forget to mention your comments in the comment section.

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