Top Best Free Search Engine Submission Sites List 2022

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Search Engine Submission Sites List: Nowadays, the most important role of enhancing organic traffic is done through search engines like Google, Bing, etc. This is the best way to increase organic traffic through the Internet. Google is the most popular search engine as compare to others. In this article, we will provide you the list of free search engine submission sites that will be helpful to your blog and website. With the help of Search Engine Sites, your blog and post URL can quickly be indexed.

Most of the blog owners submit their Website URL in Google. But apart from this, you can also consider submitting your website on other search engines, which provides high-quality backlinks as well as traffic to your website.

You can submit your blog and URL to the search engine as many times as you want. But if your content is not high quality and value, Google does not index and rank your blog. So keep in mind that the content of your website is unique and valued.

What is Search Engine Submission?

Search engine submission means when you submit your website URL and blog to search engine submission sites so that the website can quickly be indexed and crawled in a Search Engine. If you also want to get your website crawling and indexing fast, you can also update your website on these given Search Engine submission sites.

Crawling: Search engines use their algorithm of web spider or crawler to crawl the web. Crawling means to collect the best information out of the web to display in search results.

Indexing: Once the crawling is done by the search engine (i.e. Google), afterward it includes all the collected information in its database and index it as per the keywords or website relevancy. And then only we can see the Searched information in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Note: So it’s better to submit your content to the mentioned search engine submission sites list one by one to make sure that it can be crawled and indexed correctly and quickly.

How to Submit your Blog or Website to Search Engines?

Here, you can submit your blog/site to search engines in two different ways:

  1. First, you have to Sign up for their webmaster account and then submit your Website URL & Sitemap.
  2. Submit your Blog or Post URL directly.

Best Free Search Engine Submission Sites List

We have prepared the list of free search engine submission sites with their domain authority, Page Authority, and MozRank.

If your website is new and you want to make your website rank and popular in the search engine as soon as possible. So you are in the right place because through these sites you can quickly increase the traffic on your website and your website’s popularity.

All the websites we have mentioned below will help you to index your website in the Instant Top Search Engine.

Here is the List of Top Best Free Search Engine Submission Sites 2022:

Search Engine SitesDAPAMoz

Note: If any of the above Search Engine Submission sites is not working, then you can try with the another one.

Why Use Search Engine Submission Sites?

When you submit a sitemap or add your website or blog to different search engine sites that will boost your website authority and organic traffic. You can also submit your website to these high-quality search engine sites to increase website ranking, Popularity, Exposure, authority, and traffic.


If you want your blog to be indexed and crawled quickly by the search engine, then it is mandatory for you to have your website to submit into these sites. To rank your website you have to use correct and targeted keywords.

As far as, we have given the above information, your new blog and website can be quickly indexed as well as improve the exposure and ranking of the blog.

For every SEO Expert or Professionals, it is necessary to increase organic website traffic and building backlink. So you can also consider these websites.

We hope you have found our listed Search Engine Submission Sites useful. If you are submitting your new blog or website to any other search engine, then please let us know via the comments section.

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