What is Media.net & How to Earn Money from Media.net?

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First of all, you would know that Yahoo and Bing are the 2nd largest search engines after Google. Yahoo has partnered with Bing to create an advertising program known as media.net. So let’s know what media.net is and how it works. How to earn money easily from this. Perhaps some of you may already know that Media.net works, same as Google Adsense.

What is Media.net?

Media.net is a contextual ad network just like Google Adsense. On which, if any publisher and website owner can create their account on it and display their ads on their website. It is the second-largest Contextual advertising program after Google Adsense. In this, related to whatever category you have written the content on your website, the same category ads will show on your website. If someone clicks on that advertisement on your website, then the advertiser’s money gets deducted and media.net gives some of its commission to you. So in this way you make money in it.

For example, if you have written content related to digital marketing. So your audience will see only the ads related to digital marketing. With its help, your website has a high-quality internet-based advertisement show. If any Viewer and your audience click. So you get some earning through media.net. With the help of which you can earn more and more money easily.

Benefits of Media.net Ad Network

  • ‌All the ads you will see in this are Contextual Advertisement.
  • Media.net is the second-largest ad network program after Google Adsense.
  • In this, you earn more revenue due to the high quality of the ad.
  • Whatever you browse on the mobile. Ads will appear related to audience mobile queries, which leads to more earning chances.
  • In this, after getting your website verified, you get a Dedicated Account Manager. Which helps you to set up the Ads in every step.
  • In this, you can easily manage multiple websites from the same Media.net account.
  • Here you can customize many different size ads and add them to your website.

How to Create an Account in Media.net?

It is very easy to join as a publisher at Media.net but we recommend that you join this site by inviting someone else so that you get an offer for the first 3 months into so that you can get that offer. To take advantage, It is very easy to join in this, below this, we have discussed some point step by step, which you can follow to join Media.net.

‌First, Signing up for Media.net is very simple.
This is an invitation based ad network program, so you can click on the Joining for Media.net Button from here.

Join Now: Apply for Media.net (Signup Bonus: Extra 10% for 3 months)

  • ‌Enter your name, email & website details.
  • ‌You need to just mention your website address, your email id & Contact no.
  • ‌Then Your Every website is reviewed independently.
  • ‌After website approval, you’ll hear from your Account Manager promptly & get your login credentials through your mail.
  • ‌Account approval takes approax 1 to 2 business days.

How to Easily Get Media.net Approval?

  • ‌Media.net accepts only those websites which are primarily Blog or Website language in English.
  • ‌Some website traffic should be from US/UK/Canada.
  • ‌Need volume of traffic, at least 50 visitors/ days.
  • ‌Your website should have a little bit of content.
  • A reasonable ad to text ratio
  • Always keep in mind that your content should be unique and regularly updated.
  • ‌The design of your website should be simple and user-friendly.
  • ‌Apart from this, the content of your website should be quality and valuable.
  • Do not display any third party Ads in large numbers.

Note: Compared to Adsense, you get approval very easily in Media.net, just keep some attention on the information given above.

Media.Net Review: Is It Best Alternative To Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a much bigger website than media.net, but if we name any other website after Google Adsense, then it is Media.net, if we compare between the two, you can not get much earning from media.net Text-based Ads appear on Media.net as compared to Google Adsense, whereas in Google Adsense more preference is given to display ads. So this is the idea that there is not much you can do with media.net, but if your traffic comes from the US, UK, and Canada, then it can be better for you because it gives you more than Google Adsense. So that you can earn more money.

Media.net Pros

  • ‌It is free to join without pay anything.
  • ‌Now Media.net offers a powerful dashboard with reports and graphs.
  • ‌It will provide you high (RPM) in the industry.
  • ‌Here you can easily customize your ads to match the design of your website.
  • It allows you to fix ads or to use sticky sidebars on your site or blog.
  • ‌Customer support is available that will help you to optimize your website or blog.

Media.net Cons

  • ‌In this, only payment is received after the completion of the payment $100 threshold. You cannot take payment before that.
  • If one of your customers click on an advertisement twice, then only they get paid. Whereas in Adsense, you earn a single click.
  • They do not show your revenue on a real-time basis. They update your earnings after at least 1 day.

‌If your website has traffic from these 3 countries – UK, US and Canada only then you get a lot of earning. Apart from this, if you get traffic from other countries, then you would not be able to earn that much compared to Adsense.


If we tell you about our media.net account, then we always get paid on time and it is very easy to take approval on it. Which is very difficult on Google Adsense, you can easily solve any problem through Account Manager. So we will recommend that you will use it, you must create an account on it so that if your Adsense account does not work then you can earn from here. If you using Google Adsense then this ad network should be your backup option.

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Hard work + Smart work = Success

Important FAQ About Media.Net

Yes, you can run AdSense or any other third party Ad network according to your choice.

Depending on your preferences, the contextual ads network will pay you either through Wire Transfer, PayPal & Payoneer.

There is no doubt that Google Adsense is still in the # 1 position. Media.net is staying at # 2, which is an advertising program created by Yahoo and Bing Search Engine, so this means that Google Adsense is the most used advertiser and publisher in the world so far.

We are earning approx $100 on it in Monthly and it is a Genuine and Trusted Advertising Program. In this, we get payment easily through PayPal and Wire Transfer every month without any hassle.

Even though we do not go into more detail, Already told you above, yet to get approved for Media.net you need to meet the Media.net Program Policies & Conditions.

Yes, as far as we know about media.net, if you put more than 2 Ads on your website, then it reduces the speed of your website significantly compared to Adsense, due to which Expert and Professional Blogger do not use much.

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