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Top Best Free Article Submission Sites List 2020

What is Article Submission?

Article submission is the trendiest, stylish & an effective Off-Page SEO strategy for a long time. Which refers back to the submission of your website associated content material on one of a kind or relevant websites. Article submission websites assist you to enhance the ranking & traffic to your website in search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) Article submission is one of the most crucial techniques in off-page SEO.

If you really want to get a high rank in Search Engine’s like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Then you must submit an article in mentioned Table below of Top Article Submission Site.

Benefits/Advantages of Article Submission

  1. High-quality article submission websites always help to improve your website PA, DA, Alexa & MozRank.
  2. You can easily get high-quality do-follow backlinks from these high authority article submission websites.
  3. This will increase the traffic as well as the popularity of your brand/business.
  4. Providing relevant information to the Audience in which they are interested helps to Generate Traffic.
  5. It is helpful in getting longtime results like traffic, backlink as well as ranking.

Best Way to Submit Article Submission Successfully

  • When you are submitting your articles, you should have to start with a list of free high Authority Do follow Article Submission Sites.
  • After Signup, Add proper information about your business and get a quality backlink.
  • Sometimes article submission sites take 2-3 days to get published or Depends on the Owner of the site. So keep patience.
  • Must consistent use of article submission sites for your website and try to get Backlinks (Anchor Text) in content links (Article Body) as possible.
  • Your article should be Original and Unique.

In this article, we are sharing some most well-known, useful and Free Best Article Submission Sites list 2020.

Here is the List of High Authority Free Article Submission sites 2020:

No.Website ListDAPAMoz

Significance of Article Submission Sites?

  1. Through this, we get traffic along with a good Backlink.
  2. It is a much easier task compared to other SEO Techniques.
  3. It is trending way to get huge traffic as people are much more interested in Articles based information these days.
  4. It helps in Brand Popularity and Visibility.
  5. Along with Quality Information Sharing, We can get Direct Traffic using Quality Backlinks.
  6. It improves DA, PA, Moz Rank, and Alexa rank.
  7. With the help of proper & relevant keywords, we can extend your website reach.

How Can We Use Article Submission Sites List?

  1. In the first step, you have to find out one of the best sites for article submission. Here, you can easily pick up these sites from the above mentioned list.
  2. Register/Sign up your account with these sites.
  3. Confirm & Verify your Gmail account.
  4. After account verification, you can log in with same account using credentials.
  5. Then, you can click on submit an article and fill all the details.
  6. After that click on submit or publish button.
  7. Now, you have to wait, till your article is successfully approved.

Before submitting any articles, you must make sure; it should be comprehensive, contextual, systematic rather than only information. Here, you can use appropriate keywords for engagement in the title and article body of your post. Everyone knows that Article Submission sites are generating free traffic, boost sales and lead for our business/services.


These above are some of the best free high authority article submission websites. We hope this above list will be helpful for you and will get a Quality backlink to your sites. Article submission is the best way to promote your business. Make sure your article is SEO friendly and having proper keywords in an article. The Good Content will give you Quality Output.

Hope this article helps to explain about how high authority article submission sites are useful for backlinks related to your website or blog? If you still have any Queries, regarding article submission sites. You can just comment in the section below, we will try to resolve your query.

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