High Authority Video Submission Sites List 2022

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What is Video Submission?

In video submission sites, you can promote your business through video, with the help of quality backlink and traffic. Because of the social sharing sites, video goes easily Viral. With the help of Insights, you can improve your business and service, improve online representation and brand. A good video takes your business at a top, with the help of which you get the Sale or lead also. With the help of video sites, you can add your videos in a good website, For Example YouTube & Vimeo website is the most watched video Sites. Nowadays, videos are the best traffic source, so this is the best and trending off page SEO Technique.

You have to make Best Video for the Audience. Whenever you submit a video to these given sites, it not only gives you a glance at the brand’s presence, but you can also get high authority quality backlinks relevant to your business or service. This is the best way for your website’s ranking, where you can promote or viral your business without spending any amount.

Amazing Benefits of Video Submission Sites?

  1. You can get good referral traffic from here.
  2. With the help of this, you can easily promote your business for free.
  3. From here you can get a valued and quality link.
  4. This is the best SEO method for any website.
  5. Video submission has become the latest & a fastest viral platform.
  6. The video gives you a quality backlink which is effective in the ranking.
  7. You can get quality traffic in a short time with the help of a good video.
  8. This also increases the brand’s popularity and click rate on your website.
  9. In the shortest time, you can target the entire world.
  10. If you will share Regular and Relevant video content to your business, then your content will spread everywhere.

Why Should Use Video Submission?

  • Many of the users don’t like to read long posts.
  • Videos are easier to watch & compatible with various devices.
  • One single video worth approx 1 lakh words.
  • Most of the People, like sharing videos with family, friends & their social media profiles.
  • Videos are the most attractive & short method to promote business.
  • Quality videos are more trending nowadays.
  • Peoples feel more relax & Comfortable to watch Videos compared to content Reading.
  • Videos are more interesting & engaging compared to the contents.

Here is the Trending List of Video Submission Sites 2022:

No.Websites ListDAPAMoz

How to use Video for Submission

With a few important below steps, you will understand how you can submit a video?

  1. Information and content in your videos should be related to your business. Never create irrelevant and generic videos.
  2. If the video goes viral then you get good quality traffic from there.
  3. With the help of the video, you can resolve difficult communication easily and simply.
  4. Try to make the video of 5 minutes or less. Always keep the video short and straight forward.
  5. The title of the video should always be Attractive. You can make good titles through good keyword analysis.

Best Tips for Video Submission Sites

  • You should Always create videos on unique or trending topics. It may go viral easily & get more popular quickly.
  • Don’t copy videos from others, it may bring copy strike to your videos. Copy videos can’t rank well and it may totally reduce the Visibility of your video or channel.
  • Write a Brief description of your video content.
  • Always use keywords like “How to”, “Step by Step, “Beginners guide” “Tutorial”, It would attract user attention, resolve viewer query and it will increase your click-through rate.
  • Properly categorize your videos as per your website category and comment on relevant videos /niche with your video linked.
  • Always use your SEO Friendly keyword in the Video title, Tags & Description.
  • Use Google Suggestion, UberSuggest, Keyword Planner & Tubebuddy. These will suggest best-related keywords for your video.
  • Once you done with submission of your videos to these above Top Best Video submission sites, if you have a budget, then you can spend some amount for an advertisement for your video. Otherwise, you can ask your friends, colleague & family members share your video through WhatsApp, Facebook & other social media platform.


Here we have given some important high authority video submission sites 2022. With the help of these sites, you can submit a video to your website and get a good source of traffic and quality backlinks from there. Keep in mind that a good informative and entertaining video can give you as much view as possible. There are many more ways in which you can improve the SEO of your website, if you want similar SEO related updates like this, you can comment below.

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